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First of all, get acquainted with the experience of the people who participated in our collection !!!So enter the Health Center video right now and learn more about our services. 

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 Our Treatment Process

  Free Medical Consultation

Providing free medical online consultation in 24/7, via whats app, website and phone calls or the patient attendance in Muscat office

Comprehensive Packages  

A package including diseases diagnosis, type of treatment, translator, transportation, accommodation and Cost of treatment.

  Ticket Reservation

Booking suitable and safe flights by different airlines, Oman Air, Salam Air, Qeshm Air,… through our office in Muscat.  

Accommodation Services

Accommodation with breakfast or full board in 3,4,5 stars hotel and suit apartments, based on the passengers budget and their request.

 Translator Services   

Arabic or English translator accompany during the whole treatment process and delivering free SIM Card to the passenger at the airport.

 Airport Transfers   

Welcoming at the airport by the translator and delivering free SIM Card to the passenger and also medical transfer services during the stay.

Recreation Tours 

Providing recreational and tourism services such as city tours and shopping tours, according to the request of the passenger.

Pre-Check Up 

Complete examinations by specialists before starting the treatment process in order to assure about the exact type of treatment.

 Treatment in Iran 

VIP services in well equipped and accredited medical centers and clinics in main cities of Iran; Shiraz, Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan.

Follow up After The Treatment  

Being in consistent contact with the patient via whats app and phone calls after returning to the origin country.

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Lets Travel to the Amazing Iran

Nowadays Iran is one of the most popular destinations for neighboring countries especially for Omani people in order to do treatment with affordable price and high quality in comparison to the other medical destinations.

Furthermore, the nature of relations between the Sultanate of Oman and the Islamic Republic of Iran extend back to the ancient civilization that inhabited both regions. Oman recognizes Iran as an ancient civilization not just a new or modernized state. Moreover, some Persian and Arab tribes settled in the north coast of Oman and lived peacefully together till the modern days. Behjat Alsalam Co. as the Medical Tourism Facilitator which is located in the capital of Oman-Muscat, is trying to offer both Medical and Tourism services with the highest quality and reasonable and affordable prices to Omani society and all people who need to trust us and decrease their worries during the treatment of themselves or their lovely families

Our Packages

Behjat alsalam delivers comprehensive medical tourism packages based on price, destination and treatment.



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Medical Information

 Our medical information leaflets are written in clear, easy to understand language based on accredited sources
 for the patients and people who want to have brief idea about the diseases.

Medical Notes

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About Us

Bhjat Alsalam Alraedah Co. in Oman, in a complete cooperation with Safir Kimia Tava as one of the most organized and integrated companies in the field of Health Tourism in IRAN , is delivering Health care services in all specialties with affordable and reasonable prices and the highest level of quality of treatment and healthcare services. The Medical services are delivering in Shiraz, Tehran, Mashhad, and Isfahan which are the four major Medical poles in Iran

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• Well equipped eye clinics and most
• experienced ophthalmologists
• Well equipped centers for Orthopedic cases
• Last techniques of hair transplantation.
• Variety of cosmetic surgery such as
Rhinoplasty and suctions and etc…
• Spine laser surgery
• Most well known infertility treatments centers
• Cardiology and internal diseases
• Super specialty center for rehabilitation
• Dental care
• Urology
• And all the other diseases
• Pediatrics
• Dermatology and skin cares
• Cancer surgeries
• And etc…